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Get your ideas transformed in a fully functional app. With deep understanding of you and your business, we provide right solutions for you. 

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Web Application Development

Our team of experienced web app developers excel in utilizing the maximum output from the various Web App Development frameworks based on .Net, JavaScript, PHP and others. Having a diverse skillset and long term familiarity with various web tools enable us to eliminate the inherent risks and create a stable and productive cross platform solution.

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Windows Application Development

Our team of seasoned developers work everyday in utilising Windows App Developer Tools for developing and optimizing a wide range of business software. Having a diverse skillset and long term familiarity with these tools enable us to program intuitive and user friendly Windows applications.


Cross Platform Application development

Our team of cross platform software developers spend everyday exploring various frameworks from Microsoft, Java, Google and several others. As the development progresses our user-experience artists make sure that your product offers a unified experience for users of various platforms.


Software Porting

Software porting among completely different ecosystems (e.g. MacOS to Windows) requires us to address platform dependencies. When it comes to porting among different versions of the same operating system such as Windows 7 to Windows 10, the dependencies tend to rely on the programming structure and security management. This is where we leverage our experience with the right software porting tools and migration frameworks.
Apart from Porting, we also work with data migration services across multiple database technologies and software migration across various development platforms.


Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is a time consuming and strenuous process for any enterprise, something that consumes efficiency and can cause distress.
Software products need constant updates, additional features and bug fixing over time to keep up with growing competition and offer better efficiency. 
UptimeBits offers your business with a complete off-shore out-sourcing for your software maintenance requirements. This significantly reduces your costs and helps your team focus the development on the right track.


Software Testing/ Quality Assurance

We understand that the quality of an application depends largely on a proper testing process. To prevent any unexpected crashes, bugs and anomalies, every piece of software goes through a stringent quality assurance channel. This process helps us identify the issues with code and create reports which help the developers reformulate the software before launch.

For more information on app development, pricing and quotes, feel free to contact us.

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