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This course, which is a pre-ICM level course for VMware NSX®, provides an overview of the fundamentals of physical networking and VMware vSphere® networking. This course also provides an overview of the software-defined data center and explains how NSX integrates with the software-defined data center in the vSphere virtual infrastructure.

Length: 16Hrs

Objectives:  After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain the role of network virtualization in the software-defined data center

  • Explain the fundamentals of physical networking

  • Obtain an overview of vSphere networking

  • Explain the architecture, features, and use cases of NSX

Course Outline: 


  1. Evolution of the Software-Defined Data Center

  2. Introduction to Physical Networking

  3. Introduction to vSphere Networking

  4. Introduction to NSX

  5. VMware Network Virtualization Fundamentals

  6. Introduction to SDDC and Network Virtualization

  7. NSX Components and Services

  8. NSX Security 

  9. NSX Use Cases​


  • AUD 1,999 + GST

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