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An Hour of Coding


In today's world, coding is in high demand. Children who know coding can be creative and develop something new, rather than just using the apps and video games. This course is focused in introducing coding skills in young children and the staff are 'Working with Children Check' screened.

Length: 1.5 Hrs (approx)

Eligibility: Grade 2  to 5


  • Bring your own headphones. 

  • Bring your own Tablet/Laptop. 

Objectives:  After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of coding. 

  • Gain understanding of topics such as Events, Actions, Variables, Sequences. 

  • Build two simple programs

  • Have Fun Coding!

Course Outline: 

  1. Introduction to Coding

  2. Explanation of terms related to Coding

  3. Practical Activity 1

  4. Practical Activity 2

  5. Wrap Up



  • AUD 100 + GST

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